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Battery Charger FRONIUS - AcctivaEasy1206

Ref. AcctivaEasy1206


Battery charging and testing system

11-11-2019 00:00 a 03-01-2020 23:00
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Product Specifications

Fully automatic and careful loading or pickling load of all lead batteries.

Possibility of continuous operation during power outages, with minimal power consumption. 

Three fun & ccedil; Test reports inform battery status, battery starting capacity, and alternator operating capability - easily readable on the Display-LC.

When changing the battery, the basic settings are kept in the vehicle (for example, watch, label).

Maximum safety for vehicle and battery, thanks to thermal protection against overload, & aggravate; electronic protection against polarity inversion, protection against short circuit current and safety shutdown.

Approved and recommended by leading car manufacturers.


Charging Current: 6 A

Battery capacity: 3 - 200 Ah (Pb)

Battery voltage: 12V

Network voltage: 10 - 230 V (50 / 60 Hz)

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