I lost my car keys, now what?

I lost my car keys, now what?

Losing your car keys is not as unusual as you might think. If so, don't despair.

At www.utilinx.pt we offer keys from the main car brands. We know that in the event of loss or loss, delivery times along with ensuring compatibility are two key factors.

In our online shop you will find keys of various car brands ready for coding by professionals.

Got a spare / extra key for your car?

Do not overlook the importance of the spare key (extra key) of your car.

Please note that the reserve key is required on most insurance policies in case of theft or vehicle theft.

Make sure you have at least one extra key and avoid unpleasant situations in case of misplacement or intervention by insurance companies. 

At UTILINX we have the answer to several key typologies, from the most traditional to the encrypted keys.