Fronius Battery Charger - Acctiva Professional 35A

Ref. Acctiva35A


Automatic loading and power consumption during diagnostic / software update services in auto repair shops.

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  • Fully automatic loading via Plug & Charge
  • Simplified user guidance, and increased operating safety through the on-screen display; graphic excited. All functions and charging data can be adjusted and read clearly on the screen.
  • Self-identifying battery voltage selection (6 V, 12 V and 24 V).
  • Robust and compact housing for a flexible workshop application.
  • Connectable power and network cables (at different lengths)
  • Protective edge provides stability and protection against damage painting.
  • For charging, recharging, or servicing charging in conventional lead-acid, calcium / lead-silver or shielded (AGM, MF) batteries, as well as maintenance-free GEL batteries without the need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Optional USB interface for battery charging system software upgrades, ensures a lasting application and forward-looking.
  • Based on Active Inverter Technology.
  • Absolute safety for vehicle, on-board electronics and battery through electronic safety, safety protection against short circuits, electronic protection against polarity reversal, thermal. safety shutdown and overload protection.


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